Neck Deep Announces 5th Album and Releases New Song

Neck Deep

Starting off: A Significant Milestone in Music

Neck Deep, a British rock band that is very popular, has shared exciting news about their long-awaited fifth release. The self-titled record, called “Neck Deep,” is set to come out on January 19, 2024, through Hopeless Records. This news is a turning point in the band’s musical journey and opens up a new part in their already impressive career.

Neck Deep going back to their roots to find the essence of things

As people get more excited, Neck Deep’s charismatic lead singer Ben Barlow gives them a sneak peek at what the record is really about. In a nostalgic turn, Barlow says that the band’s upcoming record is a return to their roots, a reminder of how they started out in poverty. The record, appropriately named “Neck Deep,” was made in their North Wales warehouse and takes you on a journey that reminds you of the band’s formative years. Barlow says, “Going back to how Neck Deep began, we worked on this album together in our North Wales warehouse, with Seb in charge and other people working behind the scenes. It feels like we’re making our first songs again.”

The accompanying single, “It Won’t Be Like This Forever,” is now available

Neck Deep gives their fans a new song called “It Won’t Be Like This Forever” at the same time as the big album announcement. In an interview, Ben Barlow said that making the song was easy and captured an organic quality that is typical of the band’s style. In an interesting twist, the song’s chorus came to life while working on another piece, becoming a fan favorite that will be on the upcoming record.

Neck Deep making something during uncertain times: writing a post-Covid anthem

Ben Barlow goes into more detail about how he came up with the idea for “It Won’t Be Like This Forever.” The song first written in Wales after Covid, a time that will always be remembered by the band. The words hit home with the powerful idea that hard times are temporary and that the world changes, bringing new problems and keeping the song relevant. He thinks, “Those hard times won’t last forever, and having someone to help you through them is a beautiful part of love and life.” This song is about love, hope, and getting better at yourself all at the same time.

A music video for the song “It Won’t Be Like This Forever” has released. The song is now available on many digital music services, such as YouTube, along with an interesting music video. The movie shows Neck Deep members performing in a garage and includes images of paper airplanes as a metaphor. These airplanes are a metaphor for the mental space between people’s hearts. The video sends a strong message of hope, reinforcing the idea that better times are just around the corner.

Finally, bringing together the past and the present

Neck Deep has announced that they will be releasing their fifth album, and the song “It Won’t Be Like This Forever” is the first single from that album. The choice to make music in their original place is in line with the honesty that fans have come to value. As the song gets more attention on different platforms, people are getting more and more excited for the full album, which sounds like it will be a musical journey that captures the essence of Neck Deep’s past and present. That this important event is happening shows how long the band has been around and how dedicated they are to making music that touches people’s souls.