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The Music That will Change a Life

It is interesting to discuss the business of music or the success of each artist. The stirring power of music is its ability to touch the people’s souls and change their lives. All of us have music that will define of who we are in a moment or connects us on a deeper level. We also want to know which are the favorite music of some of our favorite artists, athletes. Also, designers, and personalities from across the creative industries. We ask some of them with the question what music that change their lives?

An artist says the first time he listens to music is hip-hop. It awakened his palette into understanding what music was and how it made. The music brought him to what heartbreak meant and what it felt like. He thought of it over time, how he learned to express his feeling much more. He develops to become a lover rather than a fighter because of the music.

The singer Bryson Tiller says with his album ‘The dream’ change his way to listen to R&B music forever. With the kind of melodies and harmonies, and the transitions between songs. He appreciated the album’s work because he can tell that song transitions. And the arrangement of his album is very important to him.

For Jorja Smith, the music of Amy Winehouse change her life. The music of soulful and jazzy melodies with honesty, purity, pain. Also, vulnerability and ability to believe every word. Especially the song ‘Stronger than me’ was something Jorja looks for since she was a little girl. When she was 18 she thought her song makes her exactly how she felt at the right moment.

These are just a few artists who make the music change their lives. They have individually a ‘my music playlist’ of their lives that will help them to move on. And do what makes them happy in their present life and future.

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