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The company owned by Lindsay Lohan herself is the leading information services for the global music industry. This music blog of Lindsay Lohan established 2009 to provides news, insight, and jobs to the worldwide business. The staff also gather the youtube music number one viewed and shared. They allow giving insights on what song for free music downloads. This music blog allows the reader to be updated on the latest news on their favorite artists their music. As well as their show commitment. Most of our writer and editor re an expert in the music industry. Some expert music analyst on what will hit and what not to give complete information to their viewers.

Lindsay love music since she is young, she loves to sing in a family gathering and in their school activities. Until in her teenage year, she starts composing her song that she tries to send to music company for recording. Her songs were able to pass the quality of the music company she first sends her music. From then on she embraces her passion for music and able to earn her reputation in the music industry. With her influence she able to gain friends and help her build this music blog. They write top music song each month and for the whole year.

For over half a million unique users visit the Lindsay Lohan site each month. The shared over 7 million page views between them in 2018. We also allow our viewer to listen to free full music that we feature every week. Moreover, we also invite music lover who loves to compose their own music. We made a link that they can start to write their composition. We will help them to finish it perfectly. With this link, we receive many participants who write their composition. Also, they commented that they are encouraged not to stop their dreams to compose a song.